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Features of the Generations SMP

What Makes The Generations SMP Unique?

The moderators on our server have one job: To serve YOU. Safeguards are in place to counteract any tyranny, and the staff will be active and available for near-instant service. NO SERVICE TICKETS!

Fantastic and FAIR Moderation!

High Quality Community!

Thanks to our $5/month paywall, the players on Generations SMP are all above griefing or stealing. Build and craft safely, there is no danger to your creations!


Powerful hardware and a direct connection to the internet ensures your game will run buttery smooth!

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Players Can Decide!

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This server will allow the players to stall new rules and actions if they see them as harmful, as well as report moderators, and be unbanned by our Player Court!


Backed with Generations Arcade funding, Generations Online's marketing is mostly done with YouTube sponsorships. Maybe your favorite YouTuber will build a house here!

A World That Will NEVER Be Deleted!

By expanding the border a set amount of blocks every major update, we will maintain the same overworld for years without issue.

Generations Online

Generations Online is $5 a month for access to the SMP, Minecraft discord channels, weekly events, and online gaming clubs!

Play on the Generations SMP!         Online game tournaments!            Exclusive chat channels!            Participate in SMP Videos!


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