Rules Of The Generations SMP

A full list of the rules (minor, major, how trials work etc) will be featured here once I've finished fixing the whitelist. Check back in every other day.


When you are banned, you have a few options for appeal.
Mute, Tempban, permaban, appeals work the same way
Option 1. Appeal Via Staff: This one's pretty easy to understand. DM a member of the Minecraft staff, explain what happened with ABSOLUTE HONESTY, and why you should be unbanned. You will hear back from a moderator within 24h.
Option 2.  Settle It With The Victim: Contact the victim of your rule breaking via DM, try to work it out with them. If you do, the victim must message a moderator requesting your appeal. The exception to this method is if you were banned for breaking the rules of chat. If you were banned for spamming, profanity, slurs or related offenses you must be unbanned by the moderators or Player Court.

Option 3. Appeal Via The Player Court: If you truly believe in your innocence, and additionally that your presence is objectively beneficial for the server, you may reach out to members of the Player Court for an unban trial. Details on that trial are written out on the Player Court page.

Rules Of The Generations SMP

A full list of the rules (minor, major, how trials work etc) will be featured here once I've finished fixing the whitelist. Check back in every other day.
Reminder: Any Rule The Playerbase Dislikes Can Be Changed By The Player Court
Category 1: Respecting Other Players
      Property Law, Griefing, Harrassing, stealing, consent, economy, blackmail, bribing players of importance, spam, Rules of Retaliation, and Building in the Spawn Region. 
Property Law: Players may mark out their property line with a border, but for a community of this size you'll know if you're butting up on somebody's land. Anybody that builds within 40 blocks of somebody else's buildings or markers ("markers" defined as a sign, structure, book or other item communicating that a certain plot of land has been claimed) without permission must have moved their stuff out in 24 hours if ordered to by the owner of the land (whoever built or claimed there first) to get out. If you refuse to leave, you may take it to trial and argue your right to stay on the land. Three or more guilty votes boots you off the land. The land cannot be touched for 12h afterwards, to give the Player Court time to dispute the ruling if they wish.
      You may declare an area or farm PRIVATE. Do so with a sign at the entrance(s) saying "PRIVATE PROPERTY" with the owner's name. Private Property is treated like a chest. Anybody who harvests a private farm, mines in a private mine, uses the resources of a base, or likewise without permission will be punished as if they stole; First Offense 24h tempban, second two weeks, third offense permaban with option to appeal. The sign or book must be visible.
      Selling Land is treated like selling any other item. If you sell land, the terms are up to the seller and buyer to work out. The staff and the player court do not need to be notified.
Griefing: Griefing is an action we are all familiar with. To put it simply, breaking blocks placed by other players who had the intention of creating something to last, or breaking other people's land creating a mess is punished without restraint. If the incident was contained to one player, the aggressor and victim may try to work it out. If the griefing was done to more than one player, or it wasn't worked out with the victim, the griefer will be tempbanned for one month (first offense) or permabanned with the option to appeal (second offense). 
Harrassing: Harrassing defined as messing with somebody to the point that they cannot continue enjoying their gaming experience until you stop, as in they are not enjoying it. If you are asked to stop and refuse to, moderators will ban you for 24h (first offense. 3d for second offense, 2w for the third and all subsequent, one month). You may call for a trial immediately to plead your innocence. 
      Harrassing with permission is called Trolling, and that is fine. However, be SURE you have permission. 
Stealing: Stealing is not just taking stuff from others. On this server, it's classified as removing items from their owner's possession. That could be taking loot out of their chests, harvesting their crops without permission, or locking all of their chests with signs as a joke. If the situation is not worked out between the two of you, the first ban is 3 days. Second offense 30 days, third permaban, with the option to appeal after two weeks.
      If you work it out with the victim and there's no bad blood, the victim may choose to pardon your warning. By doing so, you would no longer have that incident of stealing on your record. If you were to steal again, you would be punished as if the past theft didn't happen. 
Consent: What is consent? Consent is giving a player(s) permission to violate the rules in action towards you. Consent could be agreeing to a pvp match for five diamonds, or agreeing to let you loot their old house. However, more important is what consent ISN'T. Consent is NOT somebody saying "fight me" in response to a snide comment, nor is it entering an area that somebody has designated as a PVP zone. You must specifically recieve a message of intentional consent from the other player(s). If you aren't sure about a message and don't want to confirm with the other player, just wonder if it would hold up in court. If the answer is no, then it probably wasn't consent.
Economy: Economy will be entirely handled by the playerbase, with the exception of Elytra. Players may only possess two elytra. You can sell elytra, but you may only sell one at a time. It must be bought before you can take another one out of an End City. 
      Additionally, selling illegally obtained items (xray'd resources, stolen resources even if you didn't steal them, etc) will be punished under theft. Unlike theft, you may appeal immediately via Trial. 

     Breaking A Deal: If you agree to provide a service, items etc to another player(s) and do not fulfill your end of it, and cannot work it out with the other player, you will be temporarily banned as if stealing. This ban will scale with the severity of the fallout. Arguments that affect the other players on the server earns 24h, harrassment earns you 3d, anything more severe 2w.
Blackmail: If we catch wind that somebody has been blackmailing a player with the threat of a ban, slandar or likewise, they will be tempbanned for three days and outed as a blackmailing scum bucket. Second offense or higher results in a two week tempban. If you blackmail somebody and bribe a moderator to make it happen, you will be permabanned with your only appeal option being the Player Court.
Bribing Players of Importance: On this server, a "player of importance" is defined as a member of the Player Court, the Player Representative, a moderator, a player currently participating as a jury member on trial, or a player that will be participating in a YouTube video. Bribing one of these players listed will result in a 2w tempban, and if you are caught influencing from the shadows prior to being unbanned, that punishment will be extended to 60 days.
Spam: Spam takes multiple forms. The forms punished by this rule are as follows; Typing out a sentence in more than two seperate messages in chat (example: [Bob]: I, [Bob]: LOVE, [Bob]: BLUEBERRY, [Bob]: PIE!), sending the same message more than twice in the same half minute, sending multiple messages that all mean the same thing in quick succession (10 seconds or less between, including alternating two, three, four etc of the same messages in a loop), killing people over and over to display an item name, sending an advertisement for your shop without waiting 10 minutes between ads, or otherwise filling chat with unwanted solicitation.
Rules of Retaliation: Never react to a violent situation with more violence; it will only add violence and drama to the existing case. Instead, you should always try to /warp Spawn and get a mod. However, in the event no mods are around and you need protection urgently, you may defend yourself. If you're being killed, run. If you're being griefed, kill. If somebody is being a jerk to you and spreads harmful rumors, get a mod. Don't try and reason with somebody that tells harmful rumors about you. Handle situations yourself when there is no concern of it turning into a bigger problem. Minor stuff like being punched, just tell them to stop and they probably will. If not, call a mod.
      If you kill an aggressor, you will technically be breaking the PvP rules. The circumstances will still be taken into account if you are put on trial though, so if it was truly defense, you have nothing to worry about. Base punishment for excessive murder in retaliation will result in a 24h tempban. However, retaliating against somebody who didn't break a rule on the board will result in punishments equal to the crime you commited, be it murder, language etc. Circumstance will still be taken into account, but if you find yourself in that situation, you're probably in the wrong.
Building Near Spawn: We want to make sure new players aren't overwealmed when they join. While what to build in the spawn region is up to the players, we set out a few rules. Each building must be at least two blocks apart from each other to allow players to get past. Properties on the Spawn border only extend four blocks away from your building's walls. That can be extended if you need it to be, but please make your borders clear in compliance with property law.
      Additionally, building 1x1 towers within 100 blocks of Spawn leaves them liable to be taken down by anyone without punishment if made with anything less valuable than copper. Anything more valuable will be removed by the mods and they will re-compensate you for the first time. Any subsequent 1x1 towers will just be removed.
Respecting Staff: This one should go without saying, but even on our server, with rules that give the Player Court a big boot to kick the staff around, they should still be respected as moderators and community members. They are here in service of you, the community members. Not to gain influence or favoritism, but to make the experience better for everybody.
      Staff are entitled to the same social protections as players. Slandar can be challenged and harrassment will be handled like any other case. If you think a staff member is violating the rules, you will not be punished if you bring it up to the other staff members. If you start spreading rumors and bashing on the staff member in question, THAT will net you punishments listed under Harrassment.
AFK Rules: AFK is only allowed if you are still at your computer the whole time. Autoclickers, AFK pools and other means to get around the 15 minute kick will result in a 3-day tempban (first offense), 2 week tempban (second offense) or one month temp for all further offenses. To avoid being considered AFK if standing in the same spot for too long, you must be present and responsive

Large Farms: This server has the hardware to take practically anything you throw at hit. However, if a farm (or it's volume of production) is draining people's fps, eating up too many serverside resources, or otherwise making the server a worse experience for everyone, it's removal may be ordered by the staff team. However, this order may be fought over the course of a week: (SIDE NOTE:  If a build is voted to be removed, it will be saved in structure blocks for any future world downloads.)
1. Public TrialIf proper evidence is presented that the farm is not built in a way that could harm the server (fps, tps or inconvenience) and the four jury all vote NOT GUILTY, the farm will remain untouched. Three NOT GUILTY will result in a full investigation, with results to be presented at the end of another alloted week.
2. Player Court. You may contact your representatives to act in the best interests of the server. A super majority vote (two thirds) will eliminate any effort to remove the farm, and the staff cannot bring it's removal back to the table for a month. The court may bring it back into discussion at any time. A 51/49 stalls for an investigation. 
Game Modifications: A FULL LIST of clients that are allowed on the Generations SMP can be found right here: Lunar client, and Optifine. if you KEEP THE CRAP OUT. Xray bans start at 60d. Additional forms of hacking will be punished harshly, with autoclickers starting at two months, and pvp or building enhancers netting you a permaban first offense. Situations in more of a gray area will be met with a public trial, or moderator decision that can be challenged by one. Though any kind of ban can be appealed through the Player Court, players banned for hacking may only appeal to the court once every three months (four times a year).
Glitch Abusing: Harmless actions like F3+A abuse and building up around spawn on vanishing blocks are fine. This rule prohibits the use of any glitch that allows you to specficially xray for ores, fly, duplicate items, or break the rules in roundabout ways (example: censoring cusses or slurs with *). Those actions will net you half of their more serious counterpart's punishments for first offense. For second offense, you will recieve the full second offense punishment for the serious crime.
1x1 Towers, or "Nerd Poles": Outside of the spawn region, you can build anything you want. Within 100 blocks of spawn, however, 1x1 Towers may be removed to make way for prettier, or more functional builds. Anybody may remove a tower made of anything less valuable than copper. This rule does not apply to 1x1 Towers built prior to April 30th, 2022

Historic Builds: A build or plot of land can be designated "Historic" by the Player Court with a majority vote, and to a lesser degree by the staff. Locations designated as "historic" cannot be altered without the go-ahead from the Player Representative. Historic properties may still be sold or, in the case of a shop, used without requiring any authorization.
    To destroy, move, or otherwise remove a historic build, you require a majority vote from both the Player Court and the staff. If you would like to contest the court's decision to designate a building under your ownership as "historic", you may call for a Neutral Jury to vote on halting the action.
Category 2: Respecting the Server
      Afk Rules, Large Farms, Modifications, Glitch Abusing, 1x1 Towers, 
There is no real limit to human stupidity. If we were to try and catalog every minor rule we enforce on the Generations SMP, it would be a dozen pages, and a slog to read. Therefore, rules will be added here as they are brought into question. Rules pre-written here are the ones that people will definitely be punished for. Additional rules like not selling in-game items for real world value will not be mentioned until made relevant. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERMABAN FOR A MINOR RULE.
1. No Invis Trolling: Harrassment, but with a different punishment. Invis trolling can be, and is usually in good fun. When it gets out of hand to the point where the victim is requesting help from staff, instead of being banned the troll is set up with a command block that clears all effects from them for three days straight. This may only be appealed by staff or the Player Representative. Court is an option as it always is, but this is not worth their time.
2. Editing Vacant Builds: If you discover a build that has not been active and you want to use it, request a mod check out who it belonged to. If it has been more than 60 days since they were active, you are good to go. If not, permission will be requested from the original owner. If the owner does not consent, all of your progress on the property will be rolled back. If it is a HOME, the owner must consent before the house can be used. 

3. Removing Unpleasant Imagery: The removal of builds depicting realistic private parts, a swastika, disturbing gore or other nasty things of that likeness will not be punished as griefing. A trial may be called to rollback the grief if you feel like the mods made the wrong call on one of your complaints, but please don't waste their time.

4. Spectators Using Weapons At An Official Tournament: Businesses are sponsoring us to host these events. Anybody who draws their weapon in the spectator area or attacks spectators period will recieve a 1h tempban without exception. Keep your weapons away for two hours, it's not that hard.
Category 3: The Enforcement & Cataloguing of Minor Rules

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