Player Court

Justice does not exist on most Minecraft servers. Whether something is fair or not often comes down to the personal opinions of the moderators. On top of that, some servers allow their moderators to create or change rules based on what they deem as "the common good", when it could be anything but. 
    That is what this server changes. On the first of every month, the playerbase will elect one player for every 10 active members. Those elected representatives will convene whenever they think it's necessary to discuss new decisions and current happenings. If a decision by the admins was not made in the best interests for the playerbase, the "Player Court" may vote on it;
Voting On New Rules:
(51/49) to stall and discuss it with the staff team. After that discussion, they may choose whether to re-vote or not.      (66/34 or 2/3) brings the decision to the public. The entire playerbase will vote (as if electing the representative) on the new rule. The decision by the players overrules the court, but the representative may request a second meeting if they deem it necessary for a sound decision. A 2/3 or higher majority in favor of the rule will automatically put it in the hands of the staff. Less than 1/5 in favor will kill the new rule. If the vote comes out unanimously against, with at least 90% of the active playerbase voting, the new rule is killed, and cannot be brought back into debate by the staff, or sitting Player Court members. 
    A unanimous vote (100-0) by the court kills the new rule. It may be brought back into discussion by the staff after three months, or by the court after one.
    Additionally, some rules are a little vague, and punishments will be applied based on situation. Rules like No Alt Accounts, Don't Harrass Others, Respect Private Property and AFK related rules can sometimes be violated by people who don't know better. When that happens, they may call a trial in their defense if the punishment is carried out, or a different player may call a trial if they see it going unpunished.
Banned Players:
On the rare occasion that members of the court deem a ban detrimental to the community, they may vote to reduce the punishment. 2/3+ unbans a tempbanned player. 80/20 to bring a permaban up for discussion with the admins. A unanimous vote will unban a permabanned player, no matter what the admins say. 
    In the rare instance that a large amount of the playerbase wants a player banned and the staff do not, they may call a Neutral Jury to do so. Chosen by random, 5 active players in the top 50 for playtime, and 4 staff members will convene to hear the arguments on either side presented by their representatives. A vote will apply either a 30-day tempban, 60-day, or permaban. To 60-day, a super majority is needed. To permaban, it must be unanimous.
Additional Responsibilities:
On top of voting, the Player Court is obligated to meet with moderators and the representative when a group wants to speak to the others. That would be rare, and typically called for if the moderators would like to discuss an upcoming problem, and what solution would be best for the community. Players elected to the court must be active enough to attend nearly all of the meetings, or missing a maximum of one meeting a month.

   The Player Representative is elected every month by the entire playerbase, with a term limit of four months. They will represent the active members of the server in important decision making, discussions with the staff, and in extreme cases be in charge of presenting the arguments of the playerbase against a staff member to a Neutral Jury in Voice Chat, made up of staff and players. If a majority (51-49) votes to de-op the mod, they will be removed from the staff team. A super majority (2/3rds) will prevent them from re-applying for six months. The trial may only take place if there is concrete evidence of corruption.
    The representative may also bring corruption in the staff team to the owner's attention directly, before taking it to trial. Bring your concerns to the representative, and the mod may be de-oped for their actions without a fight.
A player may only run for a Court Seat or Representative position one month after their join date, and after aquiring a minimum 80 hours (3.3d) of playtime.