Mariokart Wii
Time Trial 3Lap Times
Ghost Valley 2
58.110s by GEN Chuck
Moo Moo Meadows
1:23.884 by GEN Chuck
Mario Circuit 3
1:25.597 by GEN Chuck
Bowser's Castle
2:39.603 by GEN Chuck
Shy Guy Beach
1:31.968 by GEN Chuck
Grumble Volcano
2:09.209 by GEN Chuck
Rainbow Road
2:41.455 by GEN Chuck
Mushroom Gorge
1:55.231 by GEN Chuck
Coconut Mall
2:05.571 by GEN Chuck
N64 Mario Raceway
1:51.562 by GEN Chuck
Delfino Square
2:22.802 by GEN Chuck
Yoshi Falls
1:08.867 by GEN Chuck
Koopa Cape
2:40.702 by GEN Chuck
Glass Joe - MAT
Blindfolded Punch-Out Wii
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1 Duck
1,098,200 by Cpt. Context
2 Duck
439,200 by MasterMax
Clay Pigeons
718,500 by MasterMax
The Legendary Starfy
46 Dumplings by Matt
Wii Sports Bowling
259 Pins by Neon
Super Mario 64
16 Star
22m 22.81s by Ryan
Turf Wars
2,003 by MAT
Skate 3
Hall of Meat
120,275 by Gary
Super Mario Bros. 3
10m 1s by Jake
Tetris NES
102,615 by Andrew
Mrs. Pac Man (Fast)
237,740 by DAD
[Splitgate]  Race
25.392 by Cpt. Context 
25.819 by Misfit